Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Reloaded for PC 6 GB DVD .iso

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015  abbreviated to PES 2015.for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. PES 2015  is the fourteenth edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.If you played last season's game, will be immediately familiar. As a result, so you can find out the most exciting features coming with this edition.

download PES 2015

Minimum System Requirements :

  • Operating System  = Windows XP / Vista and above.
  • Processor  = AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ / Intel Core 2 Duo  E6700 2.66GHz .
  • RAM  = 3 GB .
  • Hard Disk space  = 20 GB .
  • DirectX  = dx11
  • Video Card  = ATI Radeon R7 250 / NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 .
Recommended System Requirements :

    Operating System  = Windows Vista SP2 / 7 SP1
      = Inel Core i3 530. AMD Phenom II X4 925 or equivalent processor
      = 2 GB RAM
    Video Card
      = Direct X 11 compatible video card with 1024 MB RAM
    Hard Drive
      = 8 GB free hard disk space
      = DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
      = 1280x720 Compatible monitor

you can find out the most exciting features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

 Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Reloaded  for PC  6 GB DVD .iso



privacy cleaner software.


to maintain your privacy by eliminating the tracks online that you visited and your activities on the computer. Free Internet Window Washer 3.5 is a free program and easy to use will protect your privacy by eliminating your activities on the computer. Free Internet Window Washer is a free and easy-to-use software will protect your privacy by eliminating the tracks online that you visited and your activities on the computer.  

free internet washer

free internet washer tutorial

Free Internet Window Washer is a tool that will help you maintain your privacy by clearing the cookies and the abolition of the Internet paths. When you work on the computer or surfing the Internet, you leave behind you a lot of effects to keep track of your activities. The basic functions of Windows will not be able to protect you because they can not cancel most of these  anyone else will be able to see everything you are doing on your computer.  

And more than that a lot of information about your activities occupy a large space of hard disk space, so it would be very useful to restore this area. Only one-click will Free Internet Window Washer safely cancel online paths that you have visited, as well as your activities on the computer and also use of the information and programs that are stored in many.

Download  Free Internet Window Washer 3.5

adt bundle wiondows for android developpers

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Before you can enter the heart of the matter, we will ensure that your computer is capable of supporting the load development for Android, and then, if necessary, it will install all the necessary programs and components. You will need more than 1 GB to install everything. And if you have an Android device I'll show you how to configure it so that you can work directly with.

A little patience, the real fun will start from the next chapter.
  1.  adt-bundle-windows-x86
We will now download a file adt-bundle-windows-x86  that contains a set of tools needed to develop our Android apps. This package contains:
  •   Eclipse, a dedicated development environment in the Java development but which is not   capable of developing Android without following component;

  • The ADT plugin, which is an extension of Eclipse to develop Android applications;

              Tools for managing the Android installation on your system.


adt bundle windows_x86


You may know the word rather IDE. An IDE is a program which aims to facilitate the development, usually for a limited set of languages. In other words, it is possible to develop without an IDE, but use a much more convenient. Indeed, it contains a number of tools, including at least a text editor - often extended to have advanced features such as auto-completion or automatic code generation - build tools and debugger. In the case of Android development, an IDE is very convenient for those who wish not to have to use the command line.





speed up internet simply using this application

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DNS Jumper is an application that displays a list of DNS servers that can be activated by clicking the mouse button. The range of available DNS servers Google DNS on Open DNS to Ultra DNS, Level 3, Open NIC to the default DNS server of the system. If for obscure reasons of censorship, rates, connection locations or whatnot, you should regularly change your DNS (and you're on Windows), here is a small app that can do this simply by only 1 click. DNS Jumper is a small application that helps the user by providing a one-click system to change DNS servers.

 This small portable software lets you easily change your DNS to use public DNS services like Google Public DNS, Open DNS, Ultra DNS, Level 3, Open NIC or others. You can search which is the fastest and add others manually. It also helps to flush the DNS cache. Supports the IP V6.



  Change your DNS on the fly in a dns jumper topic...DNS Jumper DNS Google offers default, Open DNS, Ultra DNS, Level 3, Open NIC and your default DNS ... But you can also add yours without worry.

install any operating system from D:\ Local Drive very easy and fast

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EasyBCD is a simple utility and effective to perform such a task, it can essentially add the Windows, Linux and MacOS. However, the utility is functional only on Windows, which means that you need access to Windows. It is therefore imperative to install Windows last.
 If you have installed multiple operating systems on one computer, you probably know the existence of the boot menus, these interfaces that allow you to choose a system run when you start the computer. There are many known boot menu, like Grub or Chameleon; Windows has its own boot menu. You do not see what it looks like? This is normal, it only appears if multiple entries are installed in the menu, or if he is told to display with software such  EasyBCD

reinstallation of OS from the hard drive very easy and fast




  • Here are the features of the   EasyBCD program :
    •  View and edit the boot menu entries and the basics of options
    •  Add new entries from pre-recorded options (Linux, Windows, Mac OS ...)
    •  Change the settings of the inputs, such as language, the boot disk but the default safe      mode, debug mode, number of cores to use ...
    • Advanced users: Reset and / or repair the BCD if damaged (careful, this erases all entries!)
    • Export and import the menu settings
    •  Create a bootable external media
    •  Advanced users: install the MBR of the Windows version of your choice
    •  Several utilities as iReboot or downloading the Windows Recovery CD
Multiboot is a term that means the use of multiple operating systems on the same PC. The problem that can arise with multiboot is the activation of the screen to choose between the systems installed during the boot your PC, in other more technical terms: the configuration of the bootloader in the MBR.

EasyBCD is a simple utility is effective to perform such a task, it can essentially add the Windows, Linux and MacOS. However, the utility is functional only on Windows, which means that you need access to Windows. It is therefore imperative to install Windows last.


simple concepts of electronic

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electronics for beginners

I will present a simple concepts of electronics. The experience showed me that one of the main difficulties encountered by students was the ignorance of the laws of electronics. It uses fewer discrete components but I think the basic knowledge of how the various types of transistors is important.
The presentation of some simple editing is an illustration of the basic functions of analog electronics in particular the reaction, the operational amplifier is generally considered ideal. The basic circuits used in logic (monostable, astable, bistable) are presented with transistors that can see "how it works." In the course, there are links to interactive programs that allow, at least I hope to illustrate and deepen the fine points of the course.

The basic electronic components are divided into two main categories:
The active components contained in most semiconductors, there class: transistors, diodes, integrated circuits ...
There are at least one internal electrical connection between two terminals of the component where the current and voltage have the same sign (oriented in the same direction in the diagram). This is the convention generator.
Passive components include:

resistors, capacitors, coils, filters and assemblies of these components.
In all the internal connections current and voltage are of opposite sign. Convention receiver.
Hybrid or complex
More and more components that appear are modules or assemblies of active and passive components. They can be counted in either the active or they were excluded from electronic components (considering them as electronic circuits in its own right).

2: DC and AC current

DC current

A shortcut to Direct current DC .. A current that always applies in one direction only .. And specified either positive + or negative -. Most electronic devices need DC power to operate .. Because they need a steady stream polar .. Battery power gives a continuous stream and is known for its parties, either positive or negative ..
Note .. Can not connect the DC power converters with power, the spectrum because the frequency of this current is zero, which makes the reluctance of the file is equal to almost zero and this leads to failure in the electronic circuit Short Circuit 

AC current

A shortcut to Alternating current, can be connected to electrical transformers with him .. In order to reduce or raise the voltage ..
Current fed to the electrical power supply can be plugged either come from a source of constant current (DC) or AC source (AC). Electricity in DC pass electrons constantly in one direction from the power source through the connector to the pregnancy and back again to the power source. Voltage in the DC power remains constant. Power sources to include DC batteries and DC generators. When using the AC generator, the electrons pass in the direction of then reflect the trend. Generator generator has a name, another alternator. ALTERNATORS reflects the polarity of the parties several times a second. And electrons pass through the connector from the negative terminal to the positive terminal, first in the direction and then in the other direction
AC voltage and current are changing continuously. Graphical representation of the AC wave is in the form of the pocket. Can pocket the form of a wave that represents the current or voltage. No axes. The vertical axis represents the direction of direction and value (Min. - Capacity) magnitude current or voltage. Horizontal axis represents the time 

make money from internet 100% Reality

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Wor(l)d GMN is a network MLM business that is based on mobile technologies. 
The company has been operating since May of 2011 and is constantly growing and increasing its market share. At present, there are people, working for the company, who has already earned more than $1,000,000.00, or received Ferrari car from the company.

 You have the unique opportunity to promote this business in the English speaking countries. As of now, Wor(l)d is present in Russian, Spanish and French speaking countries, but the company is only beginning its operations in the English speaking countries. I'll gladly provide you with any necessary information relating to this business via Skype or e-mail. Wor(l)d is an opportunity to earn with the help of mobile technologies.

here is no limit to the success with Wor(l)d GMN: many of you will even become millionaire 

      =>     you can download these informations may help you   <=

Wor(l)d GMN is a concept, not a simple corporate company. the first network marketing company over mobile industry

Today wor(l)d GMN is active worldwide in more than 130 Countries thanks to thousand of distributors who share  services and products.
this company started in October 2011 and is a company that believes in using the word of mouth marketing to leveraging their business opportunity to their distributors. More specifically, World Communicate is a division of Global Mobile Network, which is incorporated in Singapore, New York, Italy and China to market its telecommunication products.
they use them to realize new business models, based on the net opportunity and on the possibilities given by the global mobile market, which allows everyone to build strong relations using the network made of billions of people connected with the most modern telecommunications mobile tools.

The client may earn and make money from 10 different services. If the end-user offers the same services to another end-user  then he gets new extra advantages. Client gets extra money by offering new clients a way to earn money.
This kind of marketing provides clients a very quick spread over the 130 countries, where World GMN acts. Of course all of the end-users are connected through contacts, which guarentees continous income  etc).
Shortly, it only takes 2 partners in order to establish a deep network, which provides a maximum income of 150 000 USD a week (with Master package). Wider personal free client base provides a quick access to AdKash incomes from your end-users advertisement views. This income doesn't need a long time in order to build a structure and may vary from the amount of end-users from a couple hundreds a week to thousands a week. This way it is possible for everyone to choose a proper method and income they want.
One thing is for sure, this is the moment of launch of the BIGGEST mobile network, which brings a whole new level of several services to the market, where thanks to massive advertisement incomes everyone can take part in the project.

download .rar file you may need

1)   Wor(l)d Communicate telecommunication division which comprises of the following products, Softsim (Voice On Internet Protocol), iSim ( GSM sim card), airtime (GSM air credit), membership (to buy products in wholesales and sells in retail prices). It develops mobile and computer apps. It manage GSM and VoIP international platform.

2)  Wor(l)d Technology personal mobile device division. Products: wor(l)d phone line, wor(l)d pad line. It designs, develops and manufactures personal mobile devices.

These are products that make communication not only easy but also less expensive. With the purchase of World communicate license distributor membership; you will have access to call over 79 countries free and others at the same local rate. You will have the opportunity to buy their products in wholesale and sell in retail price. More so, a world communicate affiliate will be opportune to products like webmeet (webinar software), free VoIP and GSM calls among members and non-members any where in the world, personal mobile devices like world smartphones, world pad tablets.

There are 5 ways to become a World Communicate license affiliates. These include Affiliate, Pro pack communicate, Pro pack Technology, Master Pack communicate, Master pack technology. With World Communicate, you can earn instant cash bonus as well as airtime bonus. The compensation plan makes it easy to earn from the effort of your sponsor and from distributors that came into the program before you. You can earn instantly as well as on a weekly basis and up to your seven generation. There are 10 different ways to earn in world communicate business opportunity. 

  Your success in world communicate will not rest solely on the shoulders of your company, products or compensation plan. You are the deciding factor that determines your success in network marketing. Unfortunately most marketers fail to ever make a substantial amount of money with their business because they lack the marketing skill necessary to sponsor motivated leaders into their business on a weekly basis.   
  Fabio Galdi is the president of World Communicate and has been providing their services since 1997. With his great leadership skill and zeal to build a multi-million dollar company through World Communicate business opportunity. Fabio Galdi experience with the Apple Corporation has shown that he has what it takes to delivery valuable and helps develop global mobile network to a multimillion-dollar company within the next few years.
Products such as those being marketing through World Communicate can really be considered an easy sell. Think about it, there is virtually nobody that does not communicate one way or the other. Our daily activity cannot achieve any significant result within adequate and effective communicate medium on ground.   

  World GMN Company is interesting and it grows really fast. It's only the beginning at the moment, so if you want to maximize your downline join fast, because we will be building it for you. 

There are 10 different ways to earn money

1=> Retail bonus :

2=> Fast Start Bonus

3=> Brick Development Bonus

4=>Team  Volume Commission 

Your goal is to immediately become Team
Developer and then grow the two teams in an
even manner.
In fact, for every sale made on both of the
teams, you will earn from $8 to $120. 

 Depending on your business
profile, earn up to 20% of the
volume from the sale of GMN
and NRG product lines from
your lower team. 

Following a simple system of working
together with your team, you will discover
 the power of duplication.
You can earn up to a maximum of
$ 50,000 per week per business
center, corresponding to $ 150,000
a week for three business centers.


prefered  way  to earn   $18  USD   per month is called  Adkash

 ADKASH   project  becomes the first way and very easy to earn and make money. (The other ways are being listed below just continue reading )
This direction is in the company's Wor (l) d GMN, which is a new kind of wages are not
 only a partner company, but ordinary users.
Users do not have to sell anything, from it will not require any monthly total, but he will receive weekly residual eternal, that is - passive income - on the rise!
This  social aspect of  the business - the concept of  World GMN ,  which provides free access to a system application of the company, which is distributed by the recommendations of the virus.
This is sort of an advertising platform for advertisers. But if the advertisement is placed, 
for example, on Facebook or on the pages of Google, it is a simple user from this, nothing is! Here, the company shares with the simple user (Who is also, and partners)  of their income from advertising! That's the whole point!
This new, unique, multi-media system for delivering ads. System  AdKash  pays every time users receive SMS or MMS to your room, as well as all incoming calls. Located somewhere on the side  advertising. which is paid by the advertiser, and it is a very large amount. So - each time an advertisement of your display - you are a "drip" money!
Today's advertisers  World GMN  are such famous companies as Coca - Cola, Marlboro,Puma, Ikea,BMW, Disney and many others.

ADKASH divided
revenue with their users and affiliates, through pay per click - a system similar to Google Ads. For eachincoming call, SMS / MMS user earns up to 5 cents. As soon as you have accumulated 10 US $, he gets branded card AdKash Debit Card. Affiliates can invite new customers or affiliates to install the application and earn all the installed applications
 in their structure - US $ 1 UP FOR APP / PER WEEK.
The fact that the numbers may be decent enough for you to judge - the day of the simple user receives hundreds of SMS messages, but after  World  will please everyone, because everyone  will bring you a monetary profit. 

people for what they are getting quality and targeted advertising directly to their mobile
 phone android, every time their phone receives a call or SMS / MMS.
Output.  Any person who uses a telephone or other means of communication can get what - or business -
 a package of  World, which will allow him to earn a lot of money, a career, achieve, finally, of his dreams. 
You can also learn about other areas of the company, some of which generate more income. But here 
 presents the easiest way to collaborate. 

 to download the application 

For each active ADKASH APP installed by
lesser team. 

6 =>  Power  Bonus

 POWER BONUS Monthly Pays you up to $ 1 per month for each power unit installed in your lesser team. ACTIVATION REQUIRED Master Power Team Developer part of the energy revenues produced by the power units are used to pay the bonus power Power Units left team YOU right team EXAMPLE POWER UNITS: 400 POWER UNITS: 550 POWER BONUS MONTHLY: $400

7=>  Money Box

MONEY BOX Weekly/Annual Anyone participating in WOR(l)D Pay Plan will receive 20% of the weekly TVC developed in the smallest team. Another 1% will be kept in the Money Box. ACTIVATION REQUIRED Master Power Master Team Developer With WOR(l)D, you always have a piggy bank at your disposition. You must be always active* for 12 consecutive months, paying your monthly business activation fee, to be able to pocket your accumulated bonus in this period. 
 always active means that the activation fee will not be subject to an interruption at the closing of single commission periods for 12 consecutive months.

8 => Generation Bonus 

GENERATION BONUS Weekly To further reward our Affiliates, WOR(l)D has created the Generation Bonus. ACTIVATION REQUIRED Master Power Master Team Developer With WOR(l)D you develop your organization and multiply your earnings. 18 This allows you to earn an additional bonus from 10% to 30% (depending on the “Rank”) on the “Team Volume Commission” of your Personally Sponsored Affiliates and an additional 5% up to 7 levels of generation. For example, if you sponsored KIM and her TVC is $ 500, you will earn a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $150


Become Team Developer, reach and maintain
the Diamond rank for 4 consecutive weeks:
you will have the requirements to receive the
Dream Car Bonus of $1,000 per month.


Become President Diamond for 4 consecutive
times to access the WOR(l)D Super Car Club
and receive a bonus of $ 4,000 a month.


Fantastic trips organized by
WOR(l)D are part of the
Diamond Life Tour.

Depending on your career successes,
you can participate in:
    - a Diamond Life Event
- the Annual Holiday
- the Millionaire Club
The participation rules are available
on the company’s website.

viscard  or generate vouchers

how to register

 the company doesn't allow direct registration through their official site. SO the only way is  to register through  this  link  bellow :

to register click here 


you can download these informations may help you 

then this page will appear then continue through the skyblue arrow dislayed on this page

then fill out your real informations

It is interesting and it grows really fast. It's only the beginning at the moment, so if you want to maximize your downline join fast, because we will be building it for you.

Within 6 weeks, i am having lot of overflow, team commission is paid out weekly, sign up bonus daily. Received my debit card. Have hold card phone in my hand. Everything works fast and smoothly. Most amazing for me has been support.

 i will post videos as soon as possible

good luck

please comment and ask i will answer all questions


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